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Christopher Hicks

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Not that we mind those things particularly, but you won't find anything about that here.

I am Christopher Hicks. I'm the CTO of Flamingo Internet Navigators and iReserve Inc. You can find my latest work exploits at Linked-In.

Why "chicks"?

Because it's my name!

Take the first letter of my first name and put all of my last name right after it and there ya go. This is in fact exactly what MCV did when they gave me my first account on a real computer - their VAX cluster known as gems. After getting over the initial volume of retribution from my fellow geeks I've grown quite fond of it.

So, a few years later I'm administering a box on the net and I decide to register Those were the days when you just sent an e-mail and "it was done". No money, no grief, but you might have to wait a few weeks. Oh, and if your DNS wasn't working right they didn't include you in the zone files. Those were the days! :)

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